Friday, 22 August 2014

Fabulous example of great coach of young players doing his most important work when on the losing side

I wanted to share this great video of Little League Baseball coach, Dave Belisle giving a beautiful and emotional speech to his group of young players after they had lost the national finals by the closest of margins.
What I love about this is it shows how important great coaching is to the future of sports. Dave understands that he has a responsibility to ensure that as many of these kids as possible carry on playing through adolescence and into adulthood and so he makes sure that they understand that the journey they have been on is the important thing, not the final outcome!
I am not sure if he has read Carol Dweck's work on 'Mindset' (click here for previous post on this)but he works hard to help them maintain a 'Growth' mindset by expleining to them that the effort they have put in and the challenges that they overcame are the important things for them to focus on and be proud of rather than the outcome of a sporting encounter which can often fall down to the toss of a coin.
What I also love is the way he shows the emotional connection that he has built with his players, clearly demonstrating that he truly cares about them as people. It is clear that they have a bond that has created caring between him and his players as well as between themselves. (Click here for my previous post on developing connection and caring as part of the '5 C's of coaching')
Some people see this kind of thing and suggest that this is why we shouldn't have big national finals in children's sport. I look at it the other way and contend that as long as you have the right person guiding the journey there is more good to be drived from such thangs than bad. I guess that might be the many Coach Belisle's are there out there?
I would be interested to here anyone's views.

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