Monday, 8 July 2013

Inspiration in high school sport

Most of the time this blog centres around the development of sporting talent and how coaches can help players optimise their abilities. Sometimes I am concerned that readers might think that this area of work, which is focussed on improvement and striving to succeed thinking that this is all about winning and success.

Actually I think that we can often forget that a truly great coach of talented performers is one that understands that the development of young people is the primary focus and that the development of talent is a by product of that focus. Essentially being athlete centred is great coaching and produces the best results.

This video is a great reminder of the power of placing the person at the centre of the process. I take 3 key things from it:
  1. Never lose sight of the human side of what we do, we are dealing with people and they are a precious commodity.
  2. Always live to your values. A lot of people might have had a negative reaction to the coach taking this step but he stuck to his values and made the call.
  3. Never underestimate the power of the human spirit, great things can happen when you display the right approach.
Enjoy the story...

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