Tuesday, 25 September 2012

How do you develop your talent when you have no arms...exactly the same way as you would if you had arms!

So we have had the Olympics and the Paralympics and what a fantastic experience it has been. I don't think it could have been better, a fantastic showcase for our country and a fitting tribute to the  commitment and dedication shown by the athletes and volunteers.

I don't know about you but after such an awesome festival of high quality sport I have been left with a big hole in my life! 24 channels of sport? how to decide what to watch? I found myself walking around the house with every TV, PC, ipad, etc tuned to a different channel just so I could. try and absorb as much of it as I could. Who would of thought I would have been sitting on my sofa involuntarily kicking my legs in the air, willing the horse to get over the fence in the show jumping?! I remember after it had all finished and the next day at 7pm 'The One Show' came on, talk about a hard bump back down to earth! I got straight onto you tube and started watching the montages and some of the great performances and that is where I stumbled across this stuff which I felt I just had to share with you....

The first is a comedy sketch by the fantastic Australian comedian, Adam Hills (whose nightly show on C4 was priceless!) talking about a Chinese amputee swimmer from the paralympics in Beijing. This had tears running down my face....

So this got me searching for more about this guy and although I didn't find quite what I was looking for I found something even better... an insight into the training and development of this young swimmer. What I love about this is that you really get to see inside the mindset of the athlete and the values that drive him, you also see how his coach is reinforcing those values when he says that 'if you persevere..you will surely succeed'.

There is a lot to learn from this clip, when I watched the coach initially I was worried that he was going to be a stereotypical Chinese task master but then as you watch more you get to see the relationship he has with the athletes...yes he is tough and challenging, but he is also friendly and caring, he is passionate and dedicated as well as being excellent at his craft. I love the way he places a weight on the head of the swimmer to force him to maintain a stable head...no long explanation..just a weight on the head and bingo you experience what you need to experience.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions....

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