Friday, 13 July 2012

If you don't fail you don't learn...getting off the 'OK plateau'

Here is a great talk from the 99% conference by Joshua Foer on the science of learning and skill development through managed failure. The main thesis of the talk is about how we can go from being OK at something to truly excellent.

As coaches working with talented youngsters I think this raises some questions...

Do we allow our athletes to try and fail enough?

How skilled are we at making the challenge that they are trying to accomplish just beyond their reach - not too hard and not too easy?

Do we create the right motivational climate to encourage persistence in the face of failure? (click here for insight in Dan Coyle's latest blog post on this topic)

Do we build enough 'replay value' into the session so that they get enough time to try and to learn? (Click here for Dan Coyle's thoughts on making learning addictive)

Do we praise effort over achievement and therefore build a 'growth mindset' as Carol Dweck would put it. (Click here for more from Dr Dweck on Growth mindsets)

Anyway here's Josh...

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