Friday, 10 February 2012

Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review

I thought that a few of you might find this of interest. It strikes me that it has multiple applications...firstly it is something that I would be inclined to use to help me with my career development but I am also likely to do this for my own coaching. I have struggled to stay focussed this year and to keep the team on track so I would have benefited from this kind of approach.

I also think that this would be a useful exercise to do with talented athletes. For them it can sometimes be hard for them to maintain motivation and 'keep their eyes on the prize'. Young people today are bombarded with so many different information sources that they have to wade through that this would help them to maintain focus on achieving their goals and ambitions.

Although the focus of the article is on how we can cut through the mass of digital media driven information sources I feel that this has an even more powerful application for the talented young sports star, that of knowing how to avoid temptation and also knowing how to switch off from the 'naysayers' or the rafts of well meaning (or otherwise!) people wanting to give them 'helpful advice'.

One of the most impactful things that we can do as guardians or guides of talented young sports stars is to give them what I call the 'resilience bubble' which is a psychological 'suit of armour' against the myriad of outside influences that might derail an athletes progress...this is one of the tools that I would use to help with this.

Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review:

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